Foreign investment, M&A, and restructuring projects GFE has undertaken

As a professional law firm focusing on foreign-related matters, GFE has delivered excellent services in the areas of foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring projects. Dated back to 1980s – the early stage of opening and reform, GFE already provided legal services to Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant project and Garden Hotel Guangzhou project, which are all key foreign investment projects. In recent years, GFE has provided legal services to Guangzhou Honda Motor, Guangzhou Toyota Motor, Guangqi Toyota Engine, Guangzhou Hino Motor, Yum! Brands Inc. (Guangdong) (KFC), Shangri-La Zhongshan etc..

In the areas of M&A and corporate restructuring, GFE participated in the projects of Science City, Wuling Motors and Temeisi Hotel, and Hong Leong Singapore’s strategic merger of Guangdong I-Vale Group etc., and has provided legal services for those projects’ investment, restructuring planning, due diligence and contract negotiation, involving transaction amount of over RMB100 billion and winning favorable comments from the clients.

Construction and real estate projects GFE has undertaken
To provide legal services regarding construction and real estate is one of the principal practice areas of GFE. In recent years, GFE has served as legal consultant to Poly Jiaxin Realty Development Company Limited, Guangzhou Huamei Construction & Development Co., Ltd, Guangzhou No.2 Construction Co., Ltd, Guangdong Kangda Property Development Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Shengheng Real Estate Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Yueyou Property Development Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Suihua Property Development Co., Ltd,, and Yuanbang Property Holdings Limited, and has also provided legal services to a variety of properties in Guangdong including China Plaza, Lake Villa, Jiaxin Town Plaza, Jun Yuan Tower, Hua Mei Court, Oriental Plaza, Kang Ya Garden and Jiaxin City Garden.

Listing projects GFE has undertaken
Legal services regarding securities, especially overseas listing are one of the principal practice areas of GFE. As early as 1993, GFE was among the first thirty five law firms in China authorized by the Ministry of Justice and the China Security Regulatory Commission to advise on matters relating to listed companies and securities. Back in 2000, GFE was among the first group of law firms in China authorized by the China Security Regulatory Commission to advise on companies from abroad involving domestic rights and interests to issue shares and list in overseas markets. At the early stage of shareholding reform of Chinese companies and IPO, GFE undertook shareholding reform and IPO projects of Southern Airlines (Group) Holdings Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lonkey Co. Ltd., GuangZhou BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical Stock Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Mei Yan Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Pearl River Industrial Co., Ltd. In recent years, GFE provided legal services regarding IPO and listing companies’ mergers and acquisitions for Shandong Jiufa Edible Fungus Co., Ltd., Science City Development Public Co. Ltd., Guangdong Kaiping Chunhui Co. Ltd. and Huafa Industrial Share Co., Ltd.

In respect of overseas listing, GFE, since 1997, has provided legal services to more than 100 enterprises’ listing projects in Hongkong, Singapore and United States of America. Some of those listed companies include: Asia Aluminum Group Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Investment Company Limited, New World Development Company Limited, Asia Resources Holdings Limited (formerly Asia Resources Transportation Holdings Limited), Midas Printing Group Limited, Victory City International Limited, Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd., Hualing Holdings Limited, Kwong Hing International Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd., Man Sang International Limited, Plus Holdings Ltd. (formerly Telecom Plus Holdings Limited) (listed in Hongkong), Hongguo International Holdings Limited, Viz Branz Limited, Swing Media Technology Group Limited, People’s Food Holdings Limited, Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Limited, United Food Holdings Limited, Willas-array Electronics (Holdings) Limited, Cytech Software Limited, Asia Dekor Holdings Limited, Magician Industries (Holdings) Limited, Unionmet (Singapore) Limited (listed in Singapore), China Grentech Corporation Limited, Global-tech Appliances Inc (listed in USA), etc.

Non-performing assets disposal projects GFE has undertaken
Since the State Council established the four state-owned asset management corporations - - Huarong, Cinda, Orient and Great Wall in 1999, GFE has provided legal services to these corporations and provided legal opinions on non-performing assets disposal and debt restructuring. In 2001, the non-performing assets disposal market started to be opened up to foreign investment, and since then GFE has served in about ten non-performing assets disposal projects for Huarong, Cinda, Orient, Great Wall, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Calyon Bank, Shinsei Bank, Cube Capital, Varde Partners and Marbridge Group, involving an amount of over 100 billion.

Intellectual property projects GFE has undertaken
In recent years, GFE has expanded quickly its services in the area of intellectual property and its services cover the strategic planning of intellectual property protection, patent application, patent, trademark and copyrights licensing (transfer), infringement investigation, infringement punishment, and relevant litigation. The Intellectual Property Center is one of the core departments of GFE Law Office. We are proud to maintain long-term and close relationship with many of the world’s leading IP owners, including Altium, Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Mattel, Siemens, Radica, Wyeth, Celanese, Ferrero, Lanxess, Neoperl, Peavey, Andritz , Embry Form , BSA , Christie's and etc. We also serve as perennial legal counsel for many government departments and maintain good cooperation with many famous international law firms.

Litigation and arbitration cases GFE has undertaken
Litigation and arbitration services are one of the principal and traditional practicing areas of GFE. GFE handles about 300 litigation and arbitration cases on average each year. In recent years, GFE has handled complicated cases, such as Bank of China’s filed application for enforcement of Assets of Foshan Nanhai Int’l Trust and Investment Company, call loan dispute concerning Nanhai Jiarong Development Co., Ltd (involving an amount of RMB 1,800 million), Guangzhou Shengheng Real Estate Co., Ltd vs. Shantou Jian-an (Group) Co. (involving an amount of 1,100 million), China Cinda Asset Management Corporation vs. Hong Kong Guangxin Industrial Co., Ltd (loan guarantee dispute, involving an amount of USD30 million, and second trial governed by Supreme Court), Information Center of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone vs. China Tone Systems (Hong Kong) Limited (joint venture dispute), Caltex (China) Co. Ltd. vs. Shenzhen SEG Samsung Glass Co., Ltd (LPG supply dispute) and GFE has achieved favorable results for those clients.

Legal services regarding government and administration GFE has offered
As early as 1980s, GFE already served as legal consultant for Guangzhou Municipal Government. In recent years, since the requirement for government to conduct “Administration by Law” becomes increasingly pressing, GFE has organized group of lawyers to offer annual or specialized legal services to Government of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Government of Luogang District of Guangzhou, Government of Jiulong Town of Luogang District of Guangzhou, Post Bureau of Guangdong Province, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Guangzhou, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhuhai Municiple Government, Guangzhou Consumer’s Commission, etc. Moreover, GFE has created a special service method, that is: routine services offered by lawyer assigned by GFE to work at the client’s office – tailor-made services offered by group practice – supporting serviced offered by specialized department of GFE, which has guaranteed quality services for realization of “Administration by Law”.

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